War on black people part 2 : entertainment

All areas of human activity are obviously related. Entertainment , perhaps is the one that’s more evidently prove that point. It’s a powerful demonstrative propaganda tool.

Nearly all the “gatekeepers” in the entertainment industry are white jewish males. B.E.T , all major music labels , all major radio companies , all major movie companies etc…

If we were truly conscious of what it means , we should monitor and even eliminate the majority of the content that’s on TV. That’s way too much influence and power over our self-image.

Why all those slave movies and no kings and Queens ones ? Why all these gangstas , hoes and no real black men and women ? When a “respectable” family is on.. Are they really a model for the Black community ? What goals are they pursuing ? Are they for liberation or fitting in the system ?

Nearly all movements , phenomenons happening in our communities , are promoted in these medias that are bombarding us everyday with information. 

We have to neutralize these forces and those who are promoting the agenda to destroy us. Yes , replacing a people original culture is the same as killing those people.

It’s a technique that been used for so long. It’s effective particularly on a broken , ignorant people that don’t even wanna learn their history.

The internet offers some interesting alternatives. Some black “Netflix like” services has been created. It’s a start. The technology now offers endless possibilities.

Next 2 areas of human activity at once : economics and labor.

6 thoughts on “War on black people part 2 : entertainment

  1. We should have our people with their eye open monitoring the TV, while the rest of us completely eliminate it. I have been trying to tell people this for years. Friends and family ask my why I am so far ahead and I tell them it is as simple as not watching TV. My mind is bombarded with the garbage.
    I wrote it in other post as well but this one reiterates what you are saying. Keep banging on them!

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  2. Subliminal advertising and getting children young is hook, line and sinker. Granted there’s a market for bs and drama but when the market becomes over saturated that’s when the problem occurs. Just think of all the children of the fairer skin who have never met a black man before. There only interpretation of one is going to be what the media shows them. Subliminal advertising at its finest.

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      1. Everything is a distraction for us. Real issues don’t get mentioned. I Googled the floods in Louisiana and all it talked about was Taylor Swift donating money.

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